Rebecca Schulman

“My professional goal is to create a safe space for you, my clients and students,
to feel accepted and supported on your path to wellbeing.”

  • Four Steps to Balance with Boundaries

    Are you feeling drained and depleted? Perhaps drowning in your never-ending to-do list and swirl of obligations? Sounds like it’s time for some boundaries in your life…

  • 10 Tips to Maximize Your Massage

    The stress and tightness in your body must go… it’s time for a massage! Make the most of your precious time on the massage table with these no fail strategies that will extend your relief and relaxation…

  • Top 15 Benefits of Bodywork

    Craving a massage yet find yourself continually putting off this type of ‘luxury’ expense? Truth is, consistent bodywork delivers benefits that can change your health and your daily life experience…

Bodywork & Massage

EVOLUTION BODYWORK helps you rejuvenate from the stress of daily life.  

A wellbeing consultation before each session allows Rebecca to formulate your specialized treatment plan.


When the body is relaxed, the heart is open, the mind is free, and the soul is nourished.

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Classes & Retreats

EVOLUTION LIFESTYLE provides learning experiences that activate your true potential.

Choose from classes, workshops, and retreats designed to take you to the next level personally and professionally.


Rebecca creates informative safe spaces to explore, grow, and have fun!

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If there were such a thing as a massage therapy all-star team she would undoubtedly be the captain.  She relieves my tight, tension-filled muscles with her magical hands. I have been to over a dozen therapists and have never felt the kind of compassion, understanding and genuine care that Rebecca shows me every time I get onto her table.  I’m very grateful to have her as a part of my healthy routine.” NATHAN

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