Craving a massage yet find yourself continually putting off this type of ‘luxury’ expense? This is a common perception. Truth is, consistent bodywork delivers benefits that can transform your health and uplift your daily life experience.

Looks like a massage-a-month* is the new apple-a-day… check out the benefits according to research complied by the American Massage Therapy Association:

– Relieves stress.

– Reduces anxiety, increases relaxation.

– Helps fibromyalgia pain.

– Decreases migraine and tension headaches.

– Enhances exercise and athletic performance.

– Pain management.

– Improves cardiovascular health.

– Better sleep.

– Boosts immunity.

– Eases depression.

– Lowers blood pressure.

– Decreases symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

– Boosts mental health and wellness.

– Increases range of motion.

– Decreases muscle stiffness and soreness.

That is quite a list, worthy of a second read! Seriously, the scope of benefits makes massage an investment that gives incredible bang for your buck. Your body likely tells you this is true, it sure is nice to have scientific confirmation..

Regular massage can improve your health and happiness. You’ve got one life, so what are you waiting for… take care of you today!

*Frequency for maximum results is best determined with your professional massage therapist.

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