REBECCA SCHULMAN has a thriving family practice in Pacific Beach since 2005, she’s been teaching massage and wellbeing classes since 2007.

She has dedicated her professional life to the healing arts and enjoys working with the many who receive her bodywork and take her classes.

“I have been blessed to work with many wonderful people. Expectant mothers, end of life care, a child’s first back massage, and entrepreneurs. Athletes of all ages shapes, and sizes: yogis, surfers, triathletes, endurance athletes, aging athletes. People with anxiety, trauma, and PTSD.

I also work with lots of families and love it!  I get to working on one person and soon I am working on mom, dad, siblings, children.  It’s an incredibly rich experience to be invited in as a healer to families—to witness the family as a body in and of itself, while facilitating support and comfort.”

Rebecca is a bright light and a force of good in this world.

She’s an avid surfer, traveler, and loves playing with her dog Spirit.  She is involved in her community and volunteers with two local non-profits, Surfrider Foundation and Urban Surf for Kidz.


Rebecca has always had a deeply embedded sense of curiosity about the individual experience and humanity as a collective, often asking those she meets about their deepest motivations and dreams.  Her curiosity, compassion and passion for understanding and helping others led her to her craft.

“My professional goal is to help my clients and students feel accepted and supported on their path to wellbeing.  I believe that we have the ultimate potential to create the life of our dreams and, we are limited only by the scope of our own imaginations.

To access the voice inside that drives and motivates our passions we must give a quiet space and audience to our deepest thoughts and feelings.  One way to recognize and acknowledge what we desire is through massage and bodywork.

By listening to what feels good in our bodies, discovering what we enjoy, by having a more conscious relationship with our bodies, we can become our own inspiration. 

Bodywork also gives us a bridge to access the deeper parts of our psyche, since emotions and memories are stored within our tissue.  We can learn to love, acknowledge, and move through the challenging patterns we face in how we relate to ourselves and others.”

Rebecca believes in the integrity and positive potential of every individual she works with. This core belief has helped her successfully create an environment of trust and emotional safety with those who come to see her.


Primary Faculty Member, International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) in San Diego (2007-2015) Classes included Introduction to Sports Massage, 120 hour Essentials of Massage and Bodywork, Table Thai and Sensory Repatterning.

Assistant Teacher of the Year 2010 and 2014

International Professional School of Bodywork Education:

  • Associate of Science in Holistic Health,
  • Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Certified Massage Therapist CA #54997
  • Yoga Teacher Training-200 hours
  • Structural Organization-150 hours
  • Teacher Training Certification-150 hours

Rebecca has been trained by some of the best in the industry—studying extensively under the guidance of Dr. Edward Maupin, a direct student of Ida Rolf; James Stewart, a direct student of Milton Trager; Diana Panara, a pioneer in the field of Somatic Bodywork; and Carole Osborne, one of the original founders of the International Professional School of Bodywork.

Her training has given her a wide range of skills to access during the healing session, subtle non-invasive energy work, deep therapeutic structural manipulation, relaxing Esalen style massage, yoga bodywork and more.

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