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Rates: 1 hour session $75 | 90 minute session $100

New client special: 90 minute session $75

Packages: 10% discount
(5) 1 hour session $338 |  (10) 1 hour $675
(5) 90 minutes $450 | (10) 90 minutes $900

Massage and bodywork sessions begin with a consultation to determine the best treatment plan for your body. Rebecca customizes the massage each time to meet your current needs. Read more about the modalities she integrates in her practice:

Circulatory Massage

Soothing and relaxing, this massage is a great way to calm down.  Long flowing directional strokes on skin with oil or cream are used to send the blood back to the heart.  The result is a calm yet invigorated feeling. Light to Deep Pressure

Sensory Repatterning

This will put you in a dreamy hazy state of relaxation.  Best received fully clothed, the client is cradled and gently rocked to the rhythm of their own body.  Slowly or with trepidations we explore your body’s full range of motion by internally asking “What feels light? What feels free?” This is great to receive if you are feeling “stuck” with anything in your life, since we encourage your body to shake things out and shake it off. Light to moderate pressure

Deep Tissue

There are many versions of deep work for the body of which I use a few specific techniques. This work can be received clothed and without oil.

Myofascial Release

Deep, firm, sustained pressure to slowly and gently melt the fascial tissue encasing the muscles.  Active feedback from the client is necessary to ensure the pressure is used is deep enough to affect change without going past the point of the danger/pain zone.  This is excellent to relieve chronically contracted tissue.

Neuromuscular Therapy or Trigger Point work

Deep wringing and dry work along with the application of oil is used to break up adhesions and clumps of tissue that have become sticky. Great for injury rehabilitation and recovery.

Thai Massage

Traditionally Thai massage is applied on the floor, Rebecca has learned to adapt it to the massage table as well.  People love thai massage because it feels like you are doing yoga while just laying there. Emphasis is on stretching and opening the body to its full range of motion.  A Thai session is best received fully clothed in comfy yoga or workout attire.  This is great if you are feeling tight all over but want to feel energized and ready to conquer anything you might be faced with.

Pre-Natal massage

Self care for the divine mother as she creates the new life inside her. Special bolstering used to fully support the mother as she progresses through the gestation.

Hot Stone massage

Heated stones are used to warm, soften and deeply connect to your tissue.

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