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Somatic Psychology 101

What is somatic psychology? is a question I am often asked. My mentors taught me the word soma is derived from Latin, meaning “a lived in, or an experienced body.” Meaning not only are we our physical anatomy, but we are also the experiences we have felt in our bodies.  In a sense we are our own thoughts, our memories, our dreams, and physical … Read More Somatic Psychology 101


Four Steps to Balance with Boundaries

Are you feeling drained and depleted? Perhaps drowning in your never-ending to-do list and swirl of obligations? Sounds like it’s time for some boundaries in your life…


10 Tips to Maximize Your Massage

The stress and tightness in your body must go… it’s time for a massage! Make the most of your precious time on the massage table with these no fail strategies that will extend your relief and relaxation…


Top 15 Benefits of Bodywork

Craving a massage yet find yourself continually putting off this type of ‘luxury’ expense? Truth is, consistent bodywork delivers benefits that can change your health and your daily life experience…