Rebecca’s workshops and retreats are custom designed for education, corporate, and private settings. Whether a training for professional bodyworkers, a private class for a special event, or a personal development retreat, she provides a safe and fun environment for learning.

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Sports Massage

This course is an introduction to sports massage.  Techniques covered include positional release, broad cross fiber, deep transverse friction, and PNF stretches.  Learn how to support your client’s success with a four-part model including pre/inter, and post-event massage, as well as a restorative session for use during training between events.  You will also learn effective communication and critical thinking skills to refine your work with the client athlete.  Basic anatomy and simple kinesiology will be covered in each class.

Thai yoga massage

Learn this ancient art that has been passed down through generations. Gentle stretches paired with firm pressure and easy rocking movements define this rejuvenating practice. Anyone can easily learn how to safely apply this technique. You will leave this workshop feeling grounded, elongated, and enlivened.  No prior bodywork experience is necessary.

Adult Summer Camp

Need a break? Looking for connection and a place to unplug? Do you sometimes wish you could head out to summer camp? Well you can! Fill your days with yoga, surfing, cooking, and dancing. Enjoy relaxing nights with fireside chats, singing, and fun. Can be scheduled to meet your needs from half-day to full week workshops. Perfect for team building, corporate retreats, bachelorette gatherings, birthdays, and more. This fun, lighthearted playshop can be customized to meet your needs.

Body Legend

Our bodies are the temples which contain the answers to our deepest questions… Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I be and serve in this life? They also graciously hold the pain, difficult memories, and limiting beliefs we possess. Learn how to tap into your body to access deeper self-awareness. Experience breakthroughs leading to expanded peace and happiness. Our time together includes experiential exercises, meditation, bodywork, and supportive group time. You will leave feeling lighter, connected to your true self, with increased understanding of how you can tune into the wisdom of your body.

The path to vitality 

Our achievement oriented society teaches us self-care is a luxury and, that burn-out is a badge of honor. To live long and truly prosper, it’s critical to learn how to navigate life honoring and refueling yourself. In this class you will learn empowering techniques for self-massage and increased body awareness. Discover zones of karma that are held within the body and dedicate yourself to greater understanding and acceptance of your body. This class arms you with tools that ignite release and activate vitality so that you can step into full presence and power in life.

Dream Sharing – Finding Light in the Shadows

Dreams can uplift and inspire clarity, giving us greater insight into our blocks, triggers, and blind spots. Yet for many, as soon as we wake, the dream and any message it contains is barely a memory. Other times we do remember our nocturnal wanderings only to wake confused or disturbed by the images and scenes that linger. Learn to tap into the gifts and insights available within your dreams. We will discuss symbols and archetypes as we explore a deeper, more meaningful interpretation of our dreams. Meditation, journaling, and facilitated sharing will help you to unlock mysteries of the imaginal realm.

If there is a class or retreat that you are interested in but do not see listed, please contact Rebecca to discuss, this is a sampling of her offerings.

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