“If there were such a thing as a massage therapy all-star team she would undoubtedly be the captain.  She relieves my tight, tension-filled muscles with her magical hands. I have been to over a dozen therapists and have never felt the kind of compassion, understanding and genuine care that Rebecca shows me every time I get onto her table.  I’m very grateful to have her as a part of my healthy routine.” NATHAN


“Rebecca never lets me down, I always leave feeling that I received way more than I paid for, she is the best of the best!” DEBBIE


“Rebecca gave me the most complete massage I’ve ever had. With her respectful approach and magic hands, she released the locked-up muscles while working like a wave, quietly flowing from one area to the next.” RONNILEE


“Rebecca is in a word – awesome. I am a professional musician, and occasionally run into issues with shoulder, hands, and arms. After an hour and a half session with her, everything is liquid and flowing. I rely on being pain-free and mobile for my job, as I’m sure most of you do… her understanding, not only intellectually, but also intuitively, is hard to find anywhere. Definitely recommend.” JASON


“She has phenomenal hands! No two massages from Rebecca are ever the same, she truly feels what your body needs in the moment. As a surfer who does CrossFit, I appreciate her understanding of sports massage. Since working with her I’ve experienced a significant reduction in pain and increased flexibility.” CHARLI


“Rebecca is amazing. Every time I see her I come in with neck and should pain, and a headache. After each session, I leave completely pain-free and relaxed. She always takes a few minutes before to get an idea of what areas to focus on, and she always finds and fixes areas I didn’t even realize were bothering me. Highly recommend! CARRIE


“During my time in massage school there was no instructor that I felt more inspired by than Rebecca. Both her emphasis on body mechanics and understanding of anatomy were second to none. Yet, what came through most about her as a professional is the joy and care she takes in her craft. I am appreciative of her influence on my career.”  RAMON


“She is more than a massage therapist, she is a healer.” NIKOLE


“There is a difference between a good massage and a massage that shifts your paradigm. Rebecca’s set of skills and quality of touch has shifted my awareness, opening my eyes and mind. Her work takes me to a deeper and more grounded state. I am grateful.” PEDRAM


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